Trimester 2

Friday, December 1:
– Attendance
– Continue Group Activity – Complete Part D and submit to Mrs. P by the end of class

Thursday, November 30:
– Attendance
– Continue Group Activity – Part C: Match graph with table/words/expression from                                                                                yesterday
                                            – Part D: Write an explanation for why the groups work
                                                                  together in a Google Doc; Share with Phelan
Assignment: Final draft of group activity pictures and explanation – Due Friday, Dec. 1
                     – Mrs.P will post the final drafts for each group as a blog post
.                       – one post per group
                     – no revisions will be made by Mrs.P from the submitted version of the post

Wednesday, November 29:
– Attendance
– Full Class Discussion/Practice with writing expressions from a verbal statement
– Start Group Activity – Part A: Matching algebraic expression with expression in words;  .                                       – Part B: Match table of values to words and algebraic expression

Tuesday, November 28:
– Phelan Absent

Monday, November 27:
– Attendance
Quiz – Classroom Expectations & Policies
– Interpreting Expressions Task – Completed In Class

Friday, November 24:
***No School***

Thursday, November 23:
***Happy Thanksgiving!***


Wednesday, November 22:
***No School***

Tuesday, November 21:
– Attendance
– No lesson today – Police Department Presentation in Auditorium
Assignment (will be posted in Google Classroom): Read Mrs. Phelan’s blog post about what the class will cover, then respond in a blog comment. More instructions in Google Classroom – Due by Monday, November 27
– QUIZ MONDAY over Classroom Expectations – Any information in the presentation from yesterday (about classroom info) is fair game!

Monday, November 20:
– Attendance
Classroom expectations presentation
– Bookmark my website
– Add Google Classroom
– Answer Google Classroom Question while Mrs. Phelan tells about herself